Acidic Ink.

About Acidic Ink.

Acidic Ink is more than a self-publishing start-up; it's the ambitious pursuit for consistent, quality story-telling.

Acidic Ink specializes in the distribution of short-form content in the niche of speculative prose (under B&B)  and dark short fiction.

Starting with its founder's body of work, Acidic Ink hopes to grow, take on bigger projects, incorporate new voices, and provide only the best content; to titillate the dead cells in your brain and prick goosebumps up your spine. (Not in a creepy way. Lovingly, of course!)

Starting Goals

Acidic Ink is a Canadian indie publishing company, founded by Slaidey Valheim.

In its infancy, Ai will be a dual purpose site. Firstly, to provide a portfolio of Valheim's body of work, and secondly, to give other writers/clients access to the affordable publishing-related services she offers.

Acidic Ink is a showcase of what can be done with a small budget and a lot of passion!

End Goal

Acidic Ink's grand vision is to become a brand recognizable & trusted  for providing the best of the best short-form writing and associated merchandise (posters, clothes, even miniature models!).

Acidic Ink aims to be a HUB for all the hauntingly beautiful things you could want (and a few stray things you didn't know you wanted until you found it here).


Acidic Ink Publishing charges in CAN Dollars as it is a Canadian small business.

Larger (correspondence heavy) services require 1/2 payment before the start of the project, and small services require payment upfront to ensure compensation of time and labor.

After contacting Acidic Ink and agreeing upon packages/rates, you will be sent an invoice for payment. Because we are dealing in CAN$ the payment rate will fluctuate by currency exchange rate (the intermediary will handle the conversion.)


Acidic Ink's owner is a graduate of the Book Publisher's Certificate Course through IAP Career College.

Valheim (your Book Publishing Peer) also attended Nipissing University in Ontario Canada, and graduated with a General Bachelor of the Arts Degree with a double major in Fine Arts and English Studies.

This document is altered to display the penname of Slaidey Valheim over their legal name (which is on the physical certificate). You will not find "Slaidey Valheim" in the IAP graduates directory.