How Cover-Wrap Expansion Works:

At Acidic Ink Publishing there's an appreciation for every project undertaken and the uniqueness of each individual client's publishing journey.

Sometimes you don't need something fancy to fill your needs, and indie authors who are only publishing to the ebook market, don't need a cover-wrap.

Every book journey is different, which is why our ebook cover section is kept separate from the cover-wraps. With the ever-changing publishing industry's landscape, physical print books are becoming scarcer (as is the need for their covers).

With indie authors' needs in mind, Acidic Ink suggests that clients start small. Invest first and foremost in editing your manuscript. Getting a cover is very exciting, but shouldn't take precedence over the quality of what it's showcasing.
So, to that end, Ai's Cover-Wrapping services are geared more towards accommodating the step-by-step approach to self-publishing.

The Cover-Wrap Service here at Acidic Ink is focused on expanding the cover you already have and love. Most self-published authors start exclusively with ebooks, and branch out to paperbacks and hardbacks later down the line.

Lets be honest, buying full book cover packages (ebook, paperback, hardback, all with different formatting) is expensive — no matter where you go. Which is why instead, I've broken it down, so you can take it one step at a time.
Get what you need when you actually need it, without being incentivized to overinvest in an all-out cover service that'll give you discounts for buying more (when you're not even sure that's necessary!). Acidic Ink prices fairly, by the weight of the singular job, and not by the amount of business a client is able to squeeze out of themselves in the moment.

Acidic Ink's packages are affordable and simple. The hard work is already done, after all. The cover is the star player, the back matter is just the waterboy.

Please note:
Acidic Ink will expand ANY cover! Not just the ones we've made.

If all you've ever wanted in life is to hold your book baby physically in your hand, I'm here to accommodate that in any way I can.

Here's a slideshow on how I've expanded ebook covers in the past, so you can get an idea of how the process will works.

Let's Get Started!

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Cover-Wrap Tier 1: The Basics

Cover-Wrap Tier 2: The Half-way

Cover-Wrap Tier 3: The Full Wrap

Paperback vs Hardback

If you would like a paperback & hardback version of your cover, the additional formatting size will be 50% of the price of the initial service.

Although the layers/assets are already made, re-adjusting a cover to a different size takes a lot of detail work and tweaking.