Core Values

What are Acidic Ink's Core Values?

Affordable Quality

It's hard being an indie writer and self publishing your own work. It's even harder finding people/services to help you with that process AND not break the bank!

I know what you're going through, I'm going through it too. We all are. But here at Acidic Ink, I'd like to make *going through it* as easy as I can on you and your wallet.

Acidic Ink's products & services are priced with small creator's budgets in mind. I need to "make my bag" (as the kids say) but you also need to keep yours.


Isn't it funny that creators find it so difficult to justify spending money on their passion? Writers are made to feel like they're being unreasonable when they invest in proof-reading, editing, or book covers, and quite frankly it's biased as F*ck.
The people that turn their noses up at creatives for "wasting money" on their passion projects, are the same ones that go out to bars and drop a hundred bucks every other weekend. It doesn't seem so silly when you look at it with the proper perspective. You deserve to have something to show from all your time and effort  that you can be proud of! And if that means spending money on the services you need to make that happen, go for it! You can't put a price on pride for your passion! (Well, I can. But I am very reasonable about it, haha.)

It's my passion to help you fulfill your passion. Let's tackle this thing together!

Personalized Experience

When you hire Acidic Ink, you're hiring a person; Not a corporation, or a team looking to push your project down the line as quickly as possible.

You're not just a client to me, you are a colleague. With every contract, I try to form a bond. I want to cultivate creator relations that last and evolve over time.

There's no cookie cutters to be found around here, so the more we collaborate, the more personalized my service to you will become.

Due Time

Lets be honest, Fiverr artists are crazy, aren't they? You can hire a service from someone on Fiverr and sometimes get what you ordered in just a DAY! But... why would you want that?

At Acidic Ink, value is put on time and dedication, not instant gratification. You've spent so much effort making your book and cultivating your brand, your project deserves better than just a passing thought.

Of course, I strive to get things to my clients in a timely manner, but I also believe in taking the time needed to provide the most personalized service I can. The best ideas often come when you least expect them, so forcing them out isn't going to get you the product you deserve!

You know what they say, you can have two: time, cost, or quality. And the latter two (cost & quality) are far more important when it comes to making an end product we can both feel proud of.

Reasonable Expectations

The last core value at Acidic Ink is "Reasonable Expectations" (for all parties involved).

To maintain affordable pricing for every kind of client, there are several tiers available for each type of service. In that, the level of craftsmanship provided will reflect the cost of the work. No two jobs are the same, and will not be comparable.

As a client, please respect the conditions of the project's contract as it is made with capacity for the task in mind.

And as a freelancer I will do my utmost to meet all your expectations (within reason, of course *wink*).

Art & Ethics

Sourcing Images

Unless otherwise commissioned, Acidic Ink deals specifically with images sourced under fair-use licensing, or that have been painted in-house.

On the rare occasion that a higher quality/specific image is used which requires attribution acknowledgment, Acidic Ink will make that arrangement of compromise with the client beforehand, and supply the necessary contractual information and payment alteration.

Acidic Ink will not take responsibility for clients failing to comply to their contractual obligations, and any disputes regarding such negligence will be passed along to the offending party.

AI Generated Art  (Artificial Intelligence)

At the tail-end of 2022 there has been a rise in discussion and controversy over the ethics of AI Generated Artwork. Artists are rightfully worried about the way AI technology will shape the creative industry.

Acidic Ink Publishing would like to make its stance very clear, that it does not condone the unethical farming of artists' work for the training of AI Generators, but does not condemn the technology itself.

As long as AI generated images are created with the consent of its influences, there should be no moral qualms over using the technology. The streamline of workflow that AI images have had for creators is equitable to how "photographs killed the painting".
It is a frighteningly efficient tool, but one that should not be overlooked for the sake of maintaining traditional/fine art's hierarchy. New technologies have and will always devalued physical art, but that's simply a matter of evolution that can't be helped, and Acidic Ink favors progression over upholding obsolete status quo.

Acidic Ink will indulge in the use of AI Generated Images no differently than it does with photography.

Source image material is source image material.

Acidic Ink will be more than open about where an image comes from/how it is produced, so clients can make their own decisions when it comes to the ethics of different technologies/image use.


One of the greatest points of contention about using AI Generated Images is over "where the image came from."
Creators are hesitant to trust AI images because they cannot see or clearly define the process through which an image is created: where did the pieces of the image come from, what other creators were an influence, and at what point does attribution become required?

Currently, there is no definite answer to these questions. It lies within the moral obligations of the programmers to compile the generator's algorithm in a way that does not compromise their users' products.

And on that note, the same can be said of photography, even graphic designs. There is no true way of knowing precisely where an image came from, only that it was uploaded to a given site and what permissions it has attached to it, as provided by the supplier (ie. Stock Images sites).

In the very unlikely event that an image used by Acidic Ink has its fair-use revoked and its copyright enforced, actions will be taken to resolve the dispute in the most reasonable manner possible. Rest assured, this will never happen so long as all parties involved outside of Acidic Ink Publishing have adhered to proper codes of conduct.


Any attribution to Acidic Ink as the provider of a service/product is entirely dependent on the individual contract.

There is even the potential for deals that costs be lowered  depended on the degree to which Acidic Ink's brand is made present on the final product.

Acidic Ink Publishing works under professional discretion, and will always ask permissions of clients before mentioning its involvement in a project. That said, Acidic Ink cares about its clients and will take every opportunity it can to boost their success through mutually beneficial networking.

If clients ever feel so inclined, they have full permission to share Acidic Ink's involvement in their project. Shout-outs are a great way to show appreciation and generate hype!

Whenever sharing images made by Acidic Ink, please acknowledge the creator.