Need Help Branding?

The creative industry has changed over the last decade. No matter what you do (what kind of business you have) being successful is now dependent on good branding/marketing.

You could be selling literal dirt, but if you don't make your dirt seem more appealing than your competitors' dirt... well, you get the picture.

Branding takes a lot of forethought and for Creatives that want nothing more than to just BE CREATIVE, the need to upkeep your brand (and constantly market yourself) can be exceptionally hindering.
Acidic Ink understand this struggle all too well, and offers personalized affordable branding packages, to help small creators get a solid foundation under them.

We can't do the marketing for you, but we can make your social platform look good enough to do the talking for itself!


Playing the social media game is stressful. When your potential is so intrinsically linked to how well you market yourself, it's hard not to doubt your strategies when things don't kick off the way you hoped.

The stress of social media will make you ask yourself, "is this even worth it? Is what I'm doing working at all?"

Sometimes you need an honest outside opinion to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing, and help enhance your presentation.


Brand Evaluation/Consultation Services are hosted through Acidic Ink's Ko-fi Commissions.

Upon request & payment of service, you will be prompted to send your e-mail and platform links.

Do not give any additional information, as we want our assessment to be as unbiased as possible. I will explore profiles leading off the given link on my own (assessing ease of access, etc.).

Follow this link to begin!

How it works:

Acidic Ink will approach your online presence (most used platforms), then fill out and provide you with an evaluation form of everything noted and interpreted through the experience as a mystery shopper.

This service is geared toward small creators needing a second opinion and a bit of guidance.

Acidic Ink will help everyone from Etsy Sellers who might need a bit of item description optimization, to Podcasters in need of a new Twitter header!

After the consultation, clients may want to check out our Branding Packages to take the next step in upping their social media presentation.

Branding Packages

Why do so many creators hate marketing themselves? Because that's not their passion, creating is!

As inconvenient as it is, branding is the crux of a successful career, and when it comes to branding, not just anything will do. Your brand is a reflection of yourself and what you have to offer.

If you're not the kind of person that delights in producing meta-media for your work, branding can be tedious and draining so why not leave it to someone else?

Need a more accurate representation of your brand?

Or perhaps you just need a more cohesive implementation of a brand you've already started?

Let's make sure your profile picture and platform header look the part you want to play!

Coming 2023

The services listed below are not currently launched.

Acidic Ink aims to be a writer's one-stop-shop, in every capacity possible, but some services take longer to implement than others.

Although the packages are not currently standardized or publicly available, feel free to inquire and there is a chance arrangements could be made for you as an Alpha Client
(discount services for mutual benefits).

Book Release Package

A successful book release needs marketing material to generate hype!

This package will provide you with content to post (highlighting your upcoming release), and templates to swap out on your social media platforms that will notify readers and traffic them to the your pre-sale button.

Media Posts

Need some imagery to post to your social media to keep your followers engaged?

Keeping your readers interested in your old content can be just as important as hyping up the new!

Book Trailers

There's few things on earth more satisfying than a good looking book trailer.

Seeing a beloved piece of literature through visual representation is Ooh it gives you chills.