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If you have questions about any of Acidic Ink's services or products
do not hesitate to email and ask!

Acidic Ink means its slogan "Your Publishing Peer" as genuinely as humanly possible.

I am beyond eager to help other small creators with any aspect of their career they might need.

Info Forms

There is a scatter of Information Forms on this website for clients to download pertaining to each individual service I offer, but please don't see them as a deterrent (that not filing a certain .doc out correctly will alter our relationship/correspondence).

All the Forms available for submission upon service inquiry are just a means to streamline the process. I've got a lot of questions about what you're looking for, so I can give you exactly what you want!

All the Information Forms can be downloaded here
BUT if you're interested in more than one of Acidic Ink's Publishing Services, just email me to let me know and we can specialize the process of getting started, just for you.

Honestly, ask me anything: