What makes a good Ebook Cover?

Ebooks are a competitive market whose sales rely almost entirely on a cover's ability to grab potential buyer's attention.

If all you get is a second's glance at your tiny thumbnail nestled among hundreds of others, you've got to make it count!

Acidic Ink understands the importance of having your ebook stand out from the crowd and wants to make sure your book cover not only reflects the essence of your story, but also ensure your story looks more interesting than everyone else's.

Because these are custom covers, there's no good way to show what yours might look like.

Here's some examples of previous work, to get your imagination going:

Let's Get Started!

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Tier 1: Dealer's Choice

  • $50 Custom Ebook Cover

  • Supply artist with themes/inspiration

  • Dealer's Choice
    (after filling out the form you will receive the final product)

  • Further revisions available with add-on services

Tier 2: Custom Collaboration

  • $150 Custom Ebook Cover

  • Light correspondence with artist

  • 2 Thumbnail Concepts Sketches

  • 1 Final Draft

  • 1 Revision

Tier 3: Close Correspondence

  • $250 Custom Ebook Cover

  • Personalized experience and correspondence over concepts

  • 4 Thumbnail Concept Sketches

  • 2 Drafts to pick from

  • 2 Revisions of the chosen draft

"Add-on" Revisions

  • $10 per minor revision/alteration requests outside of the conditions of the cover package
    (photo enhancement, font color, and the like)

  • $20 for semi-significant revision/alteration requests
    (different font, adjusting template size, and so on)

  • $? Major alterations will be a matter of individual case and negotiations.

Please Note:

Acidic Ink Publishing is an exceptionally reasonable business, founded by a small creator for the benefit of other small creators.

If you have a minimal tweak or preference you'd like done to your cover, I am more than happy to oblige, at no extra cost!

The guidelines of Cover Packages and the inclusion of "Add-ons" are there to ensure fair treatment and pay.

Too often in this industry creators are undervalued & underpaid, and these service guidelines are a means to protect Acidic Ink from being taken advantage of by those who do not have an understanding of, or care for the work.

More than anything, Ai hopes to form lasting relationships with its clients founded through mutual respect. <3