Author: Slaidey Valheim

Slaidey Valheim is a Canadian short-form writer, specializing in gritty dark fiction and brutally honest non-fic prose.

Valheim runs the "Bits & Bones" publication on, and has a Writertube channel on YouTube, but you can find her work many more places. Please, check out her linktree:

Published Memoirs

New Adult Memoir

Will the small town high school sweethearts make it in a bigger city, or will living under a Drug Lord be too much for Jennie to handle?

Love Poetry Collection

A collection or poetic prose about the power of young love in the face of adversity and unrelenting hormones. A snap-shot of how it feels to be so starry-eyed and naïve.

Prose Memoir on Codependency

A memoir written through prose, exploring the complicated nature of codependent relationships: how they form, how they damage, and how to process ever leaving one.

Prose Memoir on Trauma

The last installment in The Bleeding Heart Series, this prose memoir brings the trilogy to a close with an exploration of trauma, and the question of how much harm can be excused by mental illness.